Our Mission


Connectise is a Singapore based company dedicated to help overseas organisation grow strategically.

Connectise’s industry expertise and resources have successfully helped overseas organizations expand their business networks giving assurances to both principle organization and their end users. Companies in need of growth but have no access to incorporate Singapore office can look to Connectise for solutions. Besides our Singapore office, Connectise is rapidly expanding to other countries for you to tap into our networks.

Connectise understands small and medium-size enterprises without any local presence facing huge hurdles of today’s world of e-commerce. Some deals were lost even before it was started as prospects may seek alternatives from someone else with a local presence. Connectise is committed to breach this gap for your organization.

By Connecting Companies Globally, Connectise helps deliver values and foster win-win relationships between organizations and their end users.

How can Connectise help you?
  • Singapore office presence for your organization.
  • Acting branch office support for your organization.
  • Company secretarial, accounting and tax services.
  • Securing business loans.
  • Knowing business laws, taxation, GST refunds, importation & exportation.
How it Works
  • Incorporating your organization’s Singapore company using us.
  • Office will be register using our existing grade A central business district office without incurring any rental obligations.
  • Local directors acts as your organization’s staff without payroll.
  • Tap into our overseas network.
  • Optimize your organisation status.
Why will it work
  • Have you ever thought of making an online transaction or dealing with someone overseas? When 2 parties are providing the same product/service/price, who will you likely to deal with? One with a local office or one without?
  • Singapore being well known for its financial stability, geographic location, security and laws for your organization chart will boost your business strength.
  • Having office as a springboard to the Asia market.
  • Indirect market strategy paving your expansion plans globally.
  • Expect to have more enquires.
  • More confidence and trust from your clients.